Like other B vitamins this vitamin is involved in energy metabolism as-well as other biological processes. Most B vitamins are derived from both plant and animal foods, but B12 is almost entirely exclusive to animal foods. B12 is the only vitamin which contains the metal known as cobalt. A Vitamin B12 deficiency is known to result in the following symptoms where the body is unable to create enough red blood cells.

. Headaches
. Depression
. Balance Issues
. Fatigue
. Paleness
. White spots on the skin
. Constipation
. Heart Burn

The top 5 foods containing B12 per serving are:

(DV) Calories

*Sardines – 339.7% (3.2oz) 189
*Salmon – 236.2% (4.0oz) 158
*Tuna – 110.8%. (4.0oz) 147
*Cod – 109.1%. (4.0oz) 96
*Lamb – 104.5%. (4.0oz) 350

*wild-caught seafood and Grass-fed Lamb