You have to prepare yourself, as most air travel is challenging for our body. Dryness up in the air makes your blood more viscous and promotes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other complications.

Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy and be comfortable while traveling:

• Wear comfortable clothes. Tight garments can constrict blood vessels. Wear clothes that cover your entire body and bring layers as frequently temperatures go up and down to extremes.

• Drink plenty of water. You can buy it after you go through security. I recommend at least one standard bottle of water per 3 hours of flight. Don’t just count on airline’s “mini” cups, make it a point to drink your water.

• Everything gets dry on the plane. Pack facial and hand moisturizer. L’Occitane or Kiehl’s are my go to because of their nifty travel sizes (but there are many options).

• Buy saline nose drops. One of the primary reasons people get sick while traveling is that dry air prevents our body’s natural ability to protect us against viruses. Saline drops contain no medication and will make your trip much more comfortable.

• People prone to dry eyes, might want to have moisturizing eye drops with them.

• Lastly, plan your meals. Calculate time between your meals and either pack or buy something at the airport. Healthy options are limited and almost impossible on the plane, so take control of what you eat.

Take every chance you can to move around the plane (if you drink that water, you will be forced to walk down the isle ) I also recommend that those who travel for more than six hours, wear compression stockings or socks – that helps your blood circulation.