The liver is your body’s main detoxifying engine. Its job is to rid our bodies of the toxins we are all exposed to daily. Cleansing your liver will work wonders to keep you healthy and lose weight !!
If you don’t do some sort of regular detox diet, toxins will stockpile in your body, slowing down your metabolism, making you feel tired, sluggish and create an environment ripe for disease.
Not surprisingly, the standard American diet is not very helpful to the liver. Making a few changes to the way you eat will have an enormous impact on how well your liver cleanses the toxins that flow through it.
Refined carbohydrates such as white flour, pasta, cookies, cakes, and crackers all gunk up your colon and rapidly increase your blood sugar. The liver helps to modulate blood sugar, so keeping blood sugar low is a good strategy for a liver cleanse.
Soft drinks are a triple whammy: they not only dramatically increase blood sugar, but they are also high in phosphorus, and tend to make the blood more acidic. These reactions place a burden on the liver. Fruit juices are really not much better and can also spike the blood sugar. Many fruit juices contain high-fructose corn syrup that is very damaging to the liver.
While most fruit and vegetables are beneficial to the liver, you might want to add the following to supercharge your liver cleanse diet…
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