Our SKIN is a responsive, tactile boundary between Self and Other. From ancient times associated with shedding the old, for renewal and transformation. It is the largest organ in our body. It’s sensual by nature and quite amazing. It protects us, serves as a cushion, it’s waterproof, elastic, breathable, and washable. It’s useful as it can indicate and help diagnose medical conditions. Skin can also be mis-used as a symbol of status or high fashion. Skin color, which is literally the amount of melanin a person produces, continues to be the main source of ethnic distinction and racism, persecution and violence. It then signifies the ultimate dehumanization of victims, the act of becoming a perceived target, a “threat”. I hope we wake up one day, very soon and acknowledge any wrong-doing, embrace the differences the Mother Nature gifted us and celebrate the beauty of our SKIN. And wear the skin that we have like the most beautiful gown we could ever have. The purest thing.