Has buying rice ever been confusing to you? Trying to decide which is the more nutritious maybe? After all you both white and brown rice are available organic which can often confuse people to think because it’s organic it must be healthy.

White rice

White rice has been milled and in the process the husk, bran and germ have been removed. This in-turn alters the flavor, texture and appearance hence the name ‘white rice’. After the rice has been milled it is polished which gives the rice it’s bright shiny white appearance. The milling and polishing process strip the rice of all it’s nutrients, especially thiamine, vitamins B1, B3, iron and fiber. Magnesium which is an essential micronutrient for muscle and nerve function, regulating the heart rate, and plays the all important role in reactions that help boost the body’s immune system is also stripped away during milling. One cup of cooked brown rice (195 g) contains 84mg of magnesium while the equivalent amount of white rice contains only 19mg.

Yellow rice

Yellow rice is virtually identical to white and is colored with either turmeric or saffron

Brown rice

Brown rice is “hulled” wholegrain rice and is far more nutritious than white and yellow rice, but has a tendency to become spoiled faster, hence why the bran and germ are removed during the milling of white rice. Brown rice still however has a shelf life of at least 6 months.