Think you gained a few pounds while pounding away holiday treats and drinks? Most of us do and then flock gyms in the first three weeks of the year. But the weight always comes on faster than it comes off, unfortunately, and pretty soon resolutionists drop out of their newly baked programs. There is no real secret to shedding the extra pounds. Be realistic, set structure, stick to your program, and watch your body progress into a beautiful new you!!!

A few tips:
1. If you’re getting a new gym membership, find a location near work or home, it’s much easier to plan a workout.
2. Invite a friend who is also motivated in working out with you, if you are hiring a trainer, you can often split the cost and it’s more fun!
3. Set a specific day(s) when you will be going to the gym – it helps to have a structure, otherwise, we tend to put it off every time.
4. Pace yourself. If you haven’t been to the gym in a little while (or in a long while), don’t try to cram the entire year worth of exercises into your first workout. Start slow, your body will progress to its full potential.
5. Don’t forget your cheat meals. A good cheat meal makes you feel content and helps to keep a stricter plan throughout the week. You deserve it!

Only 10% or so of the new year resolutionists stick to their resolutions but I know you can do it. Happy training!