Magnesium is one of the most abundant elements on our planet although it is not naturally found on earth. It is formed during the intense heat of a falling star, known as supernova which explodes in outer space and sends the elements hurtling down to earth. Magnesium is essential to our health and has many metabolic functions, which include creating energy from carbohydrates and fats which are two out of three of our macronutrients. It also aids with muscle and nerve function, regulating the heart rate, and plays the all important role in reactions that help boost the body’s immune system. Here is a short list of magnesium rich foods:

Magnesium RDA – 310 – 420mg/day

(Per cup)

Spinach – 156.60mg
Swiss Chard – 150.50mg
Pumpkin Seeds – 190.2mg
Soybeans – 147.92mg
Cashews – 116.80mg
Brown Rice – 83.85mg

*Geminid meteor shower December 2012