I was on the plane and we had an emergency. As soon as we landed an evac team has to step in and extract a young lady while the whole plane was anxiously waiting to find out what happened. Apparently, she’d been driving for 5 hours trying to make the flight and didn’t anticipate heavy traffic. She didn’t have any food or water on her. This may have cost her life. I hope this story inspires folks out there to take better care of themselves. Our health is the most important thing we have. No health, and we can’t enjoy life or take care of our families or have a job. In bodybuilding or fitness, competitors have to learn the discipline of respecting one’s body and taking care of it if they want to achieve results. I learned this when my coach PJ Braun had me eating on the clock. :)) Non-competitors can definitely learn some simple techniques from fitness lifestyle to help make health a priority.