A study by Zatsiorsky and Kraemer (2006) identifed a number of benefits of strength training for women, including:

— Improved confidence and self-esteem—not needing to ask for help to put a bag in an overhead bin on a plane, for example, can be very empowering
— Improved physical performance and function—having the ability to participate in and enjoy favorite sports or recreational activities can greatly enhance the quality of life
— Enhanced osseous (bone) structures to increase strength and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis—this is extremely important over the course of the human aging process
— Stronger connective tissue, which increases joint stability and reduces the risk of injury
— Increased lean body mass and reduced levels of excess body fat—even though a woman may not lose any weight, her clothing sizes may decrease because muscle takes up significantly less space than adipose tissue
— Increased resting metabolic rate (RMR) due to an increase in lean muscle tissue, which can burn 5 to 7 calories per pound per day.
— Adding 5 pounds of lean muscle mass can increase the RMR by 25 to 35 calories per day or 175 to 245 calories per week. The more muscle added, the greater the number of calories burned while the body is at rest.
— Improved aesthetic appearance