Feeling cold and getting depressed? Here are a few tips to keep your mojo up through harsh weather conditions:

1. Drink plenty of water: colder temperatures force excessive heating of living spaces and of course dry air affects your ability to fight viruses
2. Watch your caffeine intake: we feel cold and drink more hot tea and coffee, resulting in further dehydration; consider switching to light caffeine or decaffeinated options like herbal teas
3. Wash your hands: germs & viruses are always around us but we get sick more when it’s cold out; it is because our immune system is often weakened and taking preventative measures can help avoid getting sick
4. Invest in a humidifier: some lower end options cost as little as $10 and will aide your immunity to viruses; most valuable time to do this is at night when your body is going through a natural restoration process
5. Exercise: even a light, twice a week session will help you feel more alive, have more energy and will offset seasonal slowdown