Thank you for visiting my page! I am a WBFF Pro Bikini Model and…well, I do a couple of other things. No matter what your relationship to fitness or modeling, I hope you will find these pages inspiring. My philosophy is based on consistency and a thoughtful, balanced approach which is customized and has long-lasting results. There is no one diet that works for all. There is no one diet that will work for one person all the time, either.

Human body is an amazing machine – you don’t have to be a pro athlete but by investing even a little time and effort, anyone can achieve great results!







How I Started

Fitness has been both a passion and a personal journey. Initially, I became serious about fitness because of a personal injury. Over time, with help from my coaches, inspiration and support from my friends, I lost over 50lbs, transformed my body, started competing and won a Pro athlete title. It took years, but I did just that and it inspired me to go further. Last year, I set a goal to compete in a bodybuilding championship and started my preparation.

My Diet

If you take something out of your body (like during a rigorous workout), you have to put it back (add nutrition to support it). Both training and diet are equally important. You may have an outstanding workout but if there is no nutrition to support it, you will jeopardize your recovery and won’t grow. In short, I align the program and nutrition plan to a single goal. 

And I am mea-gan (lol!) Due to food allergies to egg and milk, I have to stick to vegan options and supplement with protein. Imagine trying to get something on-the-go in-between a busy schedule!


Getting Results

My progress pictures attest to my commitment. Preparing for a championship is a physical transformation as well as a major mental and emotional change. The sacrifice, the highs and the lows of striving towards this goal helped me realize that when one puts one’s mind to something, especially a goal that one is passionate about, there is nothing that one cannot achieve.

My WBFF Journey

Becoming a Pro Athlete with the WBFF coincided with the loss of my lucrative executive job but I also got a true opportunity to pursue my dreams and launch a career in a field I am passionate about. I would love to tell my story, inspire people to work towards a healthy beautiful physique, share tips on how to eat what’s right for you and lead a better life. For me, it’s not just about winning, it’s about the journey itself and achieving one’s personal best.